About the portal 

The portal “Poland and Poles during the Second World War” presents the most important events  affecting Polish citizens in the years 1939-1945 and their contribution to victory. It is directed first and foremost to foreigners, who are not as familiar with this history, and thus may not fully appreciate it. On the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, an important element in the promotion of an accurate picture of Poland’s history is to recall the engagement of Poles in the realization of the ideals of freedom and democracy, which are the cornerstones of our modern system of international relations and the European Union.

In 23 subsections of the portal the history of Poland’s World War II experience is displayed, ranging from the active participation of Poles in armed resistance, to the phenomenon of the Polish Underground State, as well as the wartime experience of Polish society which suffered under both Nazi-German and Soviet occupation. The material was prepared by Jerzy Kochanowski, Professor at the University of Warsaw in cooperation with Monika Kapa-Cichocki from the History Meeting House in Warsaw. The text is accompanied by pictures which portray the most important events and individuals from this time. The entire presentation concludes with a short timeline presenting the events from 1939-1945.

The portal was prepared for the Department of Public Diplomacy and Culture of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the History Meeting House, a cultural institution of the city of Warsaw. Graphic design and technical realization was carried out by Kotbury.

Due to copyrights and photo licensing, the portal will remain active until May 30, 2017. All rights to photos and texts used in the portal are reserved. Unapproved use is illegal and will be prosecuted.

Please direct all comments and suggestion regarding the functioning of the portal to ddpk.sekretariat@msz.gov.pl